"My fascination for nutrition is founded on the life-giving information encoded into real, whole food. I am passionate about using nutrition to instruct the body to function optimally and ultimately to heal."



My desire to see individuals reach optimal heath alongside my fascination with nutritional science, meant that I was destined to develop a passion for nutritional therapy. 

After completing my honours degree (BSc. Dietetics) at Stellenbosch University, I started studying through The Institute of Functional Medicine as I wanted to delve deeper into the science of nutrition. I wanted to equip myself with the additional knowledge and skills to allow for the identification of the root causes of individuals’ health concerns, better understand how core clinical imbalances effect one’s state of wellbeing, and learn to assist patients in making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to move individuals toward the highest expression of health.

'Functional' Medicine is not a ‘new or alternative’ form of medicine, but rather how medicine ought to be practiced: It acknowledges food as information, shifts the disease-centred approach to a more patient-centred approach rather than just addressing an isolated set of symptoms, and understands that a patient’s wellbeing is an outcome of interactions between one’s genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. 

Let's face it: The wellness field can be OVERWHELMING for many. We are constantly bombarded with information, and are often left to discern the truth for ourselves without sound guidance. I would love to separate fact from fiction for you, to translate science into practice for you, and to be your trusted health care professional. 


Stellenbosch University:

  • BSc Dietetics (Cum Laude), 2017

  • Stellenbosch University Prize for Academic Excellence, 2017

  • Acknowledged as Best Dietetics Student, 2017 

  • Top achiever in Therapeutic Nutrition, 2017

  • Top achiever in Undergraduate Research in Division of Human Nutrition, 2017 

  • Recipient of Golden Key Award for Academic Excellence, 2014 

The Institute for Functional Medicine (USA)

  • Immune Advanced Practice Module, 2019

  • Hormone Advanced Practice Module, 2019

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, 2018

  • Gastrointestinal Advanced Practice Module, 2018 

CTG Education 

  • Awarded Certificate of Excellence in Foundations in Nutrigenomics, 2020 

DNAlysis Education

  • Completed DNAlysis Training Workshop, 2019 

African Microbiome Symposium

  • Attendee of Stellenbosch University African Microbiome Symposium, 2019